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GetPDF Encryptor Decryptor is a file encryption tool
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GetPDF Encryptor Decryptor is a file encryption tool. It was designed to let you handle the security in your PDF files. As you may know, when you are authoring a PDF file, there are certain restrictions that you can apply to your files. Some of them are restrictions to open, modify, or even print a file. You can also password-protect them. This application does all of that, but with any PDF file. For it to be able to encrypt your files, you need a file that isn't already encrypted, or you must know the password of an encrypted file. For the purpose of this review, I will assume you are working with a file that isn't encrypted. The first step is to load the file into this app. When you load one, the app will display some information about the file, like name, PDF version, author, file size, etc. You can change any of the available fields to anything you like. At the bottom of the screen, you will find several checkboxes. Those are the restrictions. When they are checked the restrictions will be applied to your PDF file.

In my testing, I encrypted a file and then tried opening it with Adobe Reader. It asked me for a password and I couldn't get into the file without entering it. Decrypting a file worked just as well. It should be noted that you won't be able to decrypt the files without the password. The application will output a PDF file but you won't be able to open it if the password wasn't correct.

José Fernández
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  • It lets you apply restrictions to your files as well as encrypt them
  • It lets you modify file information


  • An instructions window would be a nice addition
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